Sightseeing (Attractions)

Madhabpur Lake

The lake and its surrounding places are quite fascinating in the sense that if you are bored with staying at home in a metro city and craving for getting close to nature. The hills and the views you get from the top of them are quite awesome.

Lawachara National Park

This major national park is located 2 kilometers from the resort. The park offers ample trekking opportunities through the forest. Over 460 different species of birds, mammals and reptiles live in this forest. Lawachara rainforest animal species include deer, wild chicken, squirrel, python, endangered hoolok gibbons, capped langoor, slow loris, birds, snakes, banana spiders etc. It is very popular destination for bird watching as over 260 bird species has been recorded here.

Madhabkunda Waterfall

This is one of the Highest Waterfall in Bangladesh which is about 200 ft (61 m) high. It is located a bit further away from Sreemangal, roughly about 60km, however the journey to Madhabkunda is pleasing experience as the road goes through tea gardens and hills.

Hakaluki Haor

This is a 192 sq kilometer marsh wetland ecosystem. About 190,000 people live in the surrounding areas. It supports a wide range of migratory birds and fishes, hence it is a good location for seasonal bird watching.

Tea Museum

Tea museum is a two room museum. It takes 5 minutes to explore but if you have a good imagination power then you will find a way to travel in past through their old collection. Their collections are only tea state based. But there are many interesting things to feel the history of tea in Bangladesh. This museum would give people an extra spice while they travel in Sreemangal.

ShiteshBabu’s Zoo

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Moulvibazar. A good collection of different animals including endangered species. A must visit place for children to learn new things and earn knowledge about animal kingdom.

RemaKalenga Reserved Forest

The Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the adjacent Habiganj district. It is a part of the tarap hill reserved forest.

Bharaura Lake

Clam and quiet place.beautiful view from SangkarTila.
take umbrella and plenty of water.


The nearest Manipuri village near Sreemangal, you can enjoy a trip here.The Manipuri have rich culture and traditions. You can also visit Komolgang, big Monipuri community lives there.


Dolubari is well-known Tripura village in Sreemangal, it’s only an hour walking distance from the resort. The villagers are very friendly and welcoming. The natural sceneries are breathtaking.


Seven Layer( Colors) Tea

Romesh Ram Gour is the inventor of Seven Layer Tea. Seven colors could be seen in the clear glass tea cup, to taste it, you need to visit Nilkantha Tea Cabin in Sreemangal, there are also, other Tea stalls, who makes Seven Layer Tea.


Monipuri Market

You can also visit Monipuri market in Sreemangal, you can buy Monipuri dresses, Sarees, Bedsheets, Ladies bags, and Soviniors.